Shot on location at the Sea Winds Hotel & Resort, Negril, Jamaica
Text and images by Adrian Griffith

Silk and lace elegant gown with rhinestone choker neckline by Estella Couture

Silk and lace elegant gown with rhinestone choker neckline.
Designer: Estella Couture.
Model, Gabriela Ferreira, Dominican Republic
Photo: © Adrian Griffith 2010

Glossy Ankara Zaaf Ensemble Dress by Estella Couture

Glossy Ankara Zaaf Ensemble. One shoulder glossy Ankara print midriff top with one side metallic gold strapless and other side a gathered strap that tapers into an assymetrical gold sheath at the back. Fitted at waist with a train.
Designer: Estella Couture.
Model: Manda Gomes, South Africa.
Photo © Adrian Griffith 2010

Satin and Stiff Damask ensemble by Estella Couture

Satin and Stiff Damask ensemble. Peplum top over multi-slit skirt.
Designer: Estella Couture.
Model, Isioma Mazagwu, Nigeria
Photo: © Adrian Griffith 2010

Silver/black dress by Estella Couture

Silver/black dress.
Designer: Estella Couture.
Model: Allison Maitland, Jamaica.
Photo © Adrian Griffith 2010

The Seawind Resort Hotel lies on Negril's famous 7-mile white sand beach on the westernmost tip of Jamaica. This exlusive resort features large rooms overlooking the beach, a friendly staff and the most gorgeous sunsets you can imagine. With this exotic back drop, the Seawind served as sponsor and host for the Miss United Nation International 2010 pageant and talent showcase. As the official photographer of the event, I spent 6 days in this paradise covering the preliminary events right through to the final. For the designer shoot on day four, I didn't have to look far for a backdrop for designer Estella Couture's gowns. We shot on the grounds in and around the resort in natural light supplemented by flash.

Estella Ogbonna is a fashion designer with unique design skills and an eye for fashion that is not common. †Imaginative, exotic, trendy, and haute couture. Estella's passion for fashion shows in her designs. †She uses traditional,†ethnic fabric and materials from Africa, Asia and other parts of the†world, mixed with conventional fabrics, creating a master-piece fashion art that†is in a class of its own. And with standout detailing and finishes that engages†many fashion dynamics. This distinguishes her designs on runways worldwide. Her designs offer creative fashion options to trendy,†sophisticated, fashion-forward woman who dare to express an uncommon†style. Her designs rendered in natural fabric blends are imbibed with†cultural earthy tones, colors and textures.

Estella Couture is all the rage in creative afro centric fashion, with†designs for all occasion. †With undertones that make International and†Intercontinental fashion dreams come true in more ways than can be imagined, Estella is well known for†her elegant, versatile, sculpted evening gowns mixed with ethnic flare. Her designs never go out of season. †Thus, the reason they are called Seasonless Couture.  Estella Couture also designs for men, all corporate, festive and casual, with an ethnic touch. Other collections under Estella Couture include Jeankara (a jeans collection) which is launching this Summer, for men and women. Customized and couture designing is a niche Estella Couture has carved in a fast growing market. And, those that cannot afford to buy the garments, have an option to rent the garments for events and photo shoots. Designs by Estella Couture are also gracing the movie industry: Nollywood and Hollywood. With movie stars, Television, Musicians, Sports and radio celebrities proudly wearing Estella Couture designs this year. You can read more about Ms Estella Ogbonna on her website, www.estellacouture.com, or on her facebook pages and fan page. Contact info is listed below.

Estella Couture LLC
PO Box 582. Lanham, MD 20703, USA
+1 301 915 5927, 1 301 728 6474
Fax: +1 707 335 3109
Facebook:† http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2264017960



Seawind Resort Hotel
Norman Manley Blvd
Negril Jamaica, W.I.
Phone: 1-876-957-9018
Fax: 1-876 957 4514
Email / Msn live messenger:


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