Text and images by Adrian Griffith
August, 2007

Beauty pageant winners, (L to R) Miss Russia (1st runner up), Miss Poland (winner) and Miss Spain (2nd runner up) pose backstage after the event
Miss Diaspora Models International 2007, Miss Poland, Katarzyna Ceglarz (center); 1st runner up Miss Russia, Julia Pavlovskaia (left); 2nd runner up, Miss Spain, Kristina Collado (right)


Adrian Griffith is the official photographer of the Miss Diaspora Models International Pageant 2007. The brainchild of Romanian born and former model Gabriela Miu, the pageant features models resident in America and connected by birth or family heritage to a European country.   The event took place August 11, 2007 at the York Theatre at St. Peter's on the east side of Manhattan.   Prior to the event online voting for "Miss Photogenic" took place.

The assignment called for two promotional photo shoots.   The first took place at New York's Central Park and featured the contestants in matching skirt and top outfits.   The team spent the afternoon shooting at various locations in the park including the Bethesda Fountain area and a spontaneous shoot in Heckscher Fields with the Flames baseball team. Thanks guys!

Next was the beach shoot at Jones Beach where Griffith put the models through their paces with an outdoor "natural" headshot and a full-length body shot in the water. The girls did a great job despite the extremely windy conditions that had hair and sashes flying uncontrollably.   Check out some photos from each shoot.

Photos of the Pageant

Central Park and Jones Beach Photos

Group photo of beauty pageant contestants in swimwear on the beach

Left to right: Miss Ireland, Lindsey Ireland; Miss Poland, Katarzyna Ceglarz; Miss Poland, Sylvia Domasik; Miss Spain, Anaisa Cruceta Miss Russia, Julia Pavlovskaia; Miss Russia, Alina Nagibova; Miss France, Therese Benoit; Miss Spain, Kristina Collado; Miss Britain, Jenny Studenroth. Not pictured: Miss Croatia, Marija Kero; Miss Ireland, Sarah Street; Miss Italy, Lauren Ehresman

More about Miss Diaspora Models International Pageant 2007

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